FSiPanel is new software for discerning Flight Simulator enthusiasts.
This utility allows you to emulate the training habits of professional pilots.

As an airline pilot with 15 years experience and a huge fan of Microsoft's Flight Simulator. I wanted to develop a tool that provides repetitive professional simulator training for the highly-sophisticated aircraft that are modelled in FSX and P3D.

I found it frustrating that after landing - in order to fly another approach - you must: reposition the aircraft on the ground, re-program the FMS, re-configure the whole aircraft, take off again, and fly the circuit - all of which takes another 15 minutes of your valuable time in order to be able to set up another practice approach.

Therefore, I developed FSiPanel, so that it only takes you a few seconds to set up each detailed practice approach, just like the professionals!

FSiPanel allows you to use a simple but powerful 'point-and-click' instructor panel (on a stand-alone PC or server) to repeat approaches and landings training, FSiPanel will position your aircraft at the following positions:




FSiPanel is designed to help you train your high end aircraft the same way as we train in the airline environment.

FSiPanel will support the major high end aircraft and more aircraft will be added based on users request.

If your aircraft is not yet supported, please vote for it in the support forum

  • iFly 737NG (all variants)
  • iFly 747-400
  • Boeing 737 NG (all variants)
  • Boeing 747-400, Boeing 747-400 Queen of the skies II
  • Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777F, Boeing 777-300ER
  • BAe Jetstream 4100
  • Boeing 767
  • Airbus Extended A320/321
  • Airbus A318,A319,A320,A321 new versions
  • Warning, registered version of FSUIPC required
  • Dash8-Q400 (Warning, registered version of FSUIPC required)
  • Cessna 172 trainer
  • Cessna 182
  • Piper Cherokee 180 Warning, registered version of FSUIPC required
  • Turbine Duke V2